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Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2
Ashi Infinity Vol. 2

Ashi Infinity Vol. 2

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Ashi Infinity Vol. 2

Ashi Infinity Vol. 2 is a must have! Learn the most efficient techniques Jiu-Jitsu has to offer! Learn how to create leg entanglements your opponents won’t be able to “Power Through.” Ashi Infinity is a thinking mans Jiu-Jitsu, turn the tables on the strongest athletes by nullifying their advantage with leg configurations that don’t allow for ‘head on’ exchanges. Learn to fight from ONLY the most advantageous positions. Ashi Infinity Vol. 2 also Contains the much requested Ashi Slide Series!!! Take wrestlers and super athletes down to the ground with the Ashi Slide and its variations. Not only will these maneuvers get the fight to the ground, it will put you IMMEDIATELY IN FINISHING POSITION!

In this video you will learn

  • How to transition from De Le Riva to Ashi Garami 
  • The Top 3 most effective Ashi Garami attacks from DLR position 
  • Transition to Ashi Garami without exposing your back
  • Escape the turtle position to Ashi Garami 
  • Key Elements that make the Granby Roll successful 
  • Granby to Heal Hook
  • Granby to Squeeze lock
  • Granby roll attack to back control 
  • Granby to Leg Drag
  • The Pros and Cons of the 3 K-Guard Variations (This is a must know)
  • How to transition to K-Guard and avoid the Guard Pass
  • How to transition to Front Headlock should the Granby Roll Fail 
  • How to stop the “The Smash Pass” from Half Guard.
  • Learn the “Pulley Underhook”
  • How to transition the heel Hook from Half Guard Bottom 
  • Easily Blocking the guillotine and Kimura attempt 
  • The Granby Roll Hierarchy (A Must know)
  • Granby Rolling from standing position 

And so much more! This video is packed with details!

This video runs for over 1hr with zero dead time or fluff! You get the equivalent of what you would learn in a 5 hour seminar! Coach loves to get straight to the point. You will waist zero minutes watching this video. Every single minute in this video is educational. Coach Zahabi uses his Unique Madden Style illustration and coaching. You will learn many key gems that will take your game to the next level! 

See why Coach Zahabi's teaching style is favoured by many around the world!

Juji Club is happy to announce that 

you can now Stream or Download the video!

No more filling up your storage! Just stream the video whenever you want and watch it as many times as you like!

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