Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life
Strong & Stable Back 4 Life

Strong & Stable Back 4 Life

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In this follow-up to Coach Zahabi’s bestselling Strong and Stable Knees 4 Life,, you will discover the secrets of unlocking your spine to unleash your true athletic potential.

Coach takes you deep into understanding why the martial arts, gymnastic, ballet and yoga traditions have long understood what is optimal for performance. This content is life changing!

The stats show that 80% of people will experience back pain at least once in their lifetimes. This instructional video will give you the tools you need to unlock and stabilize your spine throughout the day, prevent soreness in your back, maintain proper alignment in any situation and teach you how to develop world‑class core strength that will dramatically increase performance.

Learn from the man who has trained countless professional athletes at the highest level.

This program is designed for athletes of every kind and should be mandatory for all life‑long athletes.

In Part 1, you will learn:

  • Why the traditional arts are superior to exercise science in this realm
  • Why proper alignment is so important
  • Why regular decompression is important
  • The Alexandre Technique
  • The Alexandre Plus Technique
  • How to elongate the spine while standing (must know)
  • How to decompress the spine while sitting in a chair (must know)
  • The concave and unroll method
  • Decompressing the spine while sitting on the floor
  • Understanding the neutral spine
  • Understanding the neutral neck
  • The one hinge rule
  • How to slouch safely
  • Understanding your abs
  • Gymnastic Abs basics
  • Coach Zahabi's favorite ab exercise
  • The plank test: find out if your abs are ready for anything!
  • The McGill Plank
  • The Advanced Bird Dog
  • Hamstring Curl progression
  • Low impact plyometrics
  • The Ballistic Pull-through
  • An ingenious alternative to Olympic lifting that is far safe and inexpensive
  • How to safely build rotational power
  • Another ingenious alternative to Olympic lifting
  • The Box Squat
  • The deadlift
  • Understanding the tight muscle problem

You will learn all this and more in the very first hour! Coach Zahabi is known and loved for his straight‑to-the-point, no-fluff and concise teaching style.

In Part 2 of the program, entitled "Back in Depth",  Coach talks about a number of key issues related to a healthy back and safety, and explains how he came to formulate his approach. This segment is structured like a podcast and designed for you to listen to at your convenience. 

In this section you will learn

  • the secret to athleticism and how it relates to your back
  • how alignment is a skill that develops into a habit
  • how the best athletes have the best alignment
  • why stability is paramount
  • how scientists have finally figured out the rationale behind time-tested practices embodied in the traditions
  • why exercise science still cannot produce the level of athletic performance that match gymnastic traditions
  • why elite athletes with the strongest backs end up injured
  • why elite athletes with the most flexible backs end up injured
  • why you should train with a margin of safety
  • how you can train your body to develop tissue that is stiffer or more pliable
  • how stress accumulates
  • Stress + Recovery = Adaptation
  • the secret to quick and healthy recovery (must know)
  • stiffness vs mobility.
  • the first thing to do if and when you injure your back
  • why the Alexander plus technique is preferable to training with gravity boots
  • why tight back muscles are particularly more dangerous
  • why you need to "Become a Supple Leopard"
  • why you need a strong core
  • exercise selection
  • why to never do condition-training before live training.
  • how to determine the number of reps and sets in your exercise routine
  • how to train and develop athletic movement rather than muscles groups.
  • the S.A.I.D Principle.
  • why Coach never uses corrective exercises
  • how sitting is often the problem.
  • how it is okay to slouch sometimes (more realistic)
  • how to decompress your spine throughout the day and increase energy
  • about Coach’s experience with Stuart McGill and why you never need a scan
  • if you should arch your back
  • when to go see a physiotherapist
  • why you should get in the pool if you can
  • about Coach's own back injury and sciatica
  • why you need to know the basics of taking care of your own back.

Coach Zahabi has spent years working with the top experts from around the world on how to prevent and rehabilitate back injuries. In the Strong and Stable Back 4 Life program, you will learn exactly how to keep your back healthy for life!

See why Coach Zahabi's teaching style is favoured by many around the world!
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