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Professional Kicking Vol.2

Professional Kicking Vol.2

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 The human body is equipped with two baseball bats: your legs. You need to learn how to use them! In this video, Coach Zahabi will teach how the best in the world use their legs as weapons to both defend and attack. This video will serve as an incredible reference guide during your martial arts development. This is a must have! Coach Zahabi also takes you through the "Kicking Strategies" and details exactly when and how to use these kicks!!! Learn Kicking Strategies from one of the most strategic minds in the game ever!


In this video you will learn 

  • Countering the Jab with Low Kick 
  • Understanding when and why your opponent cannot defend 
  • Countering the Jab with a Pendulum Kick 
  • Body Kicking vs Punches 
  • Body Kick into Teep Kick 
  • Body Kicking a Southpaw  
  • Head Kicking vs Punches 
  • How to Peel your leg free (when opponent catches your low kick 
  • Limp Legging when opponent catch body kicks
  • The Teep details 
  • The “One Medicine that Cure all Ills”
  • The Power Teep
  • Power Teep to the Chin 
  • What to do if they catch your Teep 
  • What to do if they deflect your Teep 
  • Benny the Jet Urquidez’s Switching into Power Teep 
  • The Scissor Teep 
  • The Machida Scissor Kick Teep set-up
  • The Raymond Daniels Back Kick 
  • How to stay safe when Back Kicking 
  • Back Kick Strategies 
  • Switching into Back Kick 
  • Question Mark Kick 
  • Question Mark Kick vs Southpaw 
  • The Reverse Question Mark Kick
  • Reverse Q Strategies 
  • The Pump Kick
  • Pump Kick Strategies 

  This video is packed with details! You get the equivalent of what you would learn in a 3hr seminar all distilled into about 1hr. This video has zero fluff or dead time! Every single minute is educational. See why Coach Zahabi's teaching style is favoured by many around the world!

Juji Club is happy to announce that you can now Stream or Download the video!

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