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Edgars Skrivers - Combat Back Kicks
Edgars Skrivers - Combat Back Kicks

Edgars Skrivers - Combat Back Kicks

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Make the spinning back kick and side kick work in real combat scenarios with the expert training of multiple‑time karate & MMA champion Edgars Skrivers

  • Learn to properly time your spinning back kick so that you can finally stop hitting the air and start making real meaningful connections;
  • Get a partner to work some kicking drills so that you can both improve with these exercises for rapid skill development;
  • Shut down your opponent’s spinning back kick with effective and devastating counters;
  • Switch up your targets by attacking the legs, the body and the head.

Among the topics covered in this instructional:

  • Side kicks
  • Spinning back kicks
  • Side kick heavy bag drill
  • Side kick timing drill
  • Spinning back kick heavy bag drill
  • Spinning back kick timing drills
  • Partner drill with pad
  • Spinning back kick partner drill
  • Partner drill combinations
  • Partner drill combinations against ropes
  • Partner drill combinations against an aggressive opponent
  • Counters
  • Side kick counter
  • Back kick counters

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