Strong & Stable Neck 4 Life | New Release
Strong & Stable Neck 4 Life | New Release
Strong & Stable Neck 4 Life | New Release
Strong & Stable Neck 4 Life | New Release
Strong & Stable Neck 4 Life | New Release

Strong & Stable Neck 4 Life | New Release

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Coach does it again!

Discover the best of what works when it comes to eliminating neck pain! You will discover the secrets of alignment that very few other trainers understand. Coach Zahabi will show you how to train your neck for performance. Go from having pain to performing better than ever!

Neck pain usually arises from a combination of poor alignment, tight muscles and the lack of strength and muscular endurance to handle the stress of training. 

This video is perfect for absolutely everyone; you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from these concepts and neck exercises. As the video progresses, Coach Zahabi shows basic exercises to more advanced progressions that will challenge event the most well developed necks.

You will discover advanced exercises that will strengthen your neck like never before. Your new‑found neck strength will help you escape front headlocks and guillotines more easily, and you will also have a more resilient neck that will be able to withstand the stress of training. 

In this video you will discover.

  • How to elongate your neck to the correct position
  • Understanding the neutral position
  • Why you need you lower back in the correct position 
  • How to achieve the gainer position
  • Decompressing the neck (a must know)
  • A simple routine that will eliminate almost anybodies neck pain
  • How to make a peanut in less then 2 minutes 
  • Unlocking trigger points with gentle pressure 
  • Unlocking trigger points with intense pressure
  • Unlocking trigger points with crushing pressure 
  • Unlocking upper traps and neck muscles 
  • Avoiding the goose neck (almost everyone does this when lifting)
  • Isometric exercises for beginners 
  • The Rickson (isometric exercises for the advanced) 
  • Advanced headstand stability exercise 

This instructional is packed with details, and runs for over 40min with zero dead time or fluff! You get the equivalent of what you would learn in a 3-hour seminar. Coach loves to get straight to the point. You will waste zero minutes watching this video. Every single minute in this video is educational.

See why Coach Zahabi's teaching style is favoured by many around the world!
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