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X-Pass Mastery
X-Pass Mastery
X-Pass Mastery
X-Pass Mastery
X-Pass Mastery
X-Pass Mastery
X-Pass Mastery

X-Pass Mastery

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Learn one of the most feared passing systems in all of Jiu-Jitsu!
Coach Zahabi teaches details that will dramatically improve your passing ability.
As always Coach Zahabi unique teaching style cuts straight to the heart of the matter by taking you through the X-Pass progressions. Wether you're new to Jiu-Jitsu or a seasoned expert, you will love this instructional. Coach Zahabi takes you through the system from very basic speed drills all the way to more complex and sophisticated X-Pass progressions. 
In this video you will learn
  • X-Pass speed drill
  • Torreando to X-Pass
  • Leg Drag to X-Pass
  • X-Pass to Bodylock
  • X-Pass to Heavy Hips 
  • Heavy Hips to Torreando
  • Windshield Wiper speed drill
  • Double Windshield Wiper to X-Pass
  • X-Pass Pressure Pin to Darce
  • X-Pass Pressure Pin to Slap Underhook
  • X-Pass Pressure Pin to head pummelling 
  • Ankle pin to X-Pass
  • Limp Arm vs Lasso to X-Pass
  • Leg drag vs Foot Block to X-Pass
  • X-Pass to Half Guard Pin
  • X-Pass vs Seated Guard
  • X-Pass vs Reverse De La Riva

and so much more!!!

This video is packed with details!!! 

    This video runs for over 1hr 10min with zero dead time or fluff! Coach Zahabi gets straight to point with his Unique teaching style. You will learn many key gems that will take you game to the next level! 

    See why Coach Zahabi's teaching style is favoured by many around the world!

    Juji Club is happy to announce that you can now Stream or Download the video!No more filling up your storage! Just stream the video whenever you want and watch it as many time as you like!

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